About TweetSearchers


Tweet Searchers allows you to add any keywords or phrases in the search box and receive EVERY message sent on Twitter containing those words.

Sign Up

Once you have signed up, for free by linking to your Twitter account and adding your email address so as to send messages, you will be able to search and then select tweets by clicking the green thumbs up icon on the left it will then turn red and point down and your selected tweet message will move to your leads box where you can reply later. Or if you wish you can click the blue reply button on each tweet and reply now.

You can send unlimited replies everyday to any selected tweet messages using your own Twitter account.

This is a real-time system allowing you to contact people as they talk about your product and services.

How best to search

When looking for new clients it's advisable to think of the wording that people would use in a tweet message. As an example if you are a mobile phone repair company then you need to add a search phrase such as: "My mobile is broken".

If you are selling property then "I want to buy in Spain".

If you make birthday or anniversary gifts then "It's my anniversary soon" or "it's my wife's/husband's birthday next week".

If you are looking for investors then "I am looking to invest".

There are many different combinations of these phrases that can also be used and there is no limit to how many you can search for. What you do not want to be searching for is "Mobile", "Spain", "Birthday", "Investment" as this will not find you target clients. You need a phrase to find the correct message: "It's my wife's birthday soon".

Once you have found the correct message you wish to reply to either move it to your leads box by clicking the green thumbs up or press the reply button on the right of the message.

As this is a live system you will find new messages are added every minute so once you have found the best keywords for your business then keep using them again and again, to find new customers.

If you wish to build your Twitter followers then simply use the search box to find people that would be interested in following you and message them an invitation.


If the keywords you use have never been used before by any other member then you will only start receiving new messages from that time onwards.

So you can add the keywords "space ship" and see no results, as it's not been used before, but from then onwards if you refresh your page you will see all the new tweet messages as they are sent.